Last call: poems for the graduates of the school

Best gift for teacher on last call – this is learned a beautiful poem.

Останній дзвінок: вірші для випускників про школу

Last call: poems for the graduates of the school

In 2016, the last call in all educational institutions of Kyiv will ring on may 27. And then pass the prom in 11th grade and only June 10-11 9th grade.

* * *

The days of days flew by,
Flashed like a dream,
Not more than a week
Remains in spring.
So passed the road
Under nazvanem “first class“.
So summer is on the doorstep –
Waiting for to itself, bearing down on us.
Summer calls us somewhere –
Away from the Affairs and concerns…
That was the end guys
Our first academic year.
He is both happy and heavy
Was for each of us.
Will never forget
We love you, our first class.
Today we’re breaking up –
But add the time
Again, back in class back –
But now for the second time.
Pribio, come, come
In our school – and while
Together the feast of our note –
The day of the last call.

* * *

Met your expectations, we do not know:
After the exam end so far,
And while we you invite to yourself
On our holiday fun-Last call!
And please excuse all sins,
What we have accumulated to the last day:
And control with a load of bad decisions
And vague answers, and chatter,
But you know one thing: we will remember
And not just excited in these words.
Their teachers will never forget
And Your work will speak in our Affairs.

* * *

Passed years
Goodbye school forever!
You know, a moment of parting this
You will never forget ever!
To realize the dream of your try
And a great life, go bolder!
In friendship trust, do not hesitate –
Waiting for the success and happiness ahead!

* * *

Long have we waited
School they all say “Bye!“.
Why is it so sad?
What kind of mixed feelings.
Well, it’s time to admit
It is a pity to us to leave the school.
Still long here we were,
And, of course, loved everyone.
We have before us a new world
Well, we will win!
Will be better than wanted
And we will be able to achieve
Someone money, some power,
Who glory without the weather.
The main thing is the people
Which will not forget.
You we say thank you.
We forever owe all of you.

* * *

Call. Last. All. Will not
Duty, desks, teachers…
And the wind that is blowing in the wind is free!
Well, let it blow stronger.

We razletelos like pollen over the meadow.
But everyone will say the same as I:
Honest with each other will.
We are all one, we are one family.

Someday, winter or summer
Hear someone: “Bah! Wow!
Serge, my God, is that you?“
We planted space.

Last call, my last class…
And first graders will remember us?

* * *

Ran our years,
No longer students.
It’s time for a change,
With him now allies.

The Chronicles of our deeds
And discovery we are countless.
Save your memories,
In this we have joy.

How many tears because of errors
We are now a laughing matter.
How many sincere smiles
In obtaining success.

The farewell bell will ring
The leitmotif of the school of dreams.
In the life of the other hopes we honor
Are prepared to engage seriously.

* * *

We went to the first class, we sit at desks
Not many people can remember their first lesson.
And each spring, each time approaching,
Our sad farewell call.

Our school was called, we were attracted by science
Bored and we were playing in the yard.
It has become habitual, lessons minute
How many kind of school time.

Here we were taught and brought up
Here was a good teacher.
We are a school for new children leave
Goodbye and see you school my

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