Kidnapping of a child. The kidnapping of two-year-old in Kiev

Became known the details.

Знову викрадення дитини. Викрадення дворічної дитини в Києві

Two year old Emily Ruzhitsky, which Internet users were reported as missing, is one of the parents, reports Rus.Media.

This was reported to the police.

Thursday, November 2, members of the public organization “the lost children” published information that the capital is gone young child.

“In Kiev lost 2-year-old Emily Ruzhitsky. October 27, 2017, the girl disappeared from his home in Kiev. The child may be the biological father, but the police are looking for Emil, as stolen,” wrote the Internet users.

The head of the Department of juvenile prevention GU of the National police of Ukraine Larisa Tooth, said that life is the sphere of civil relations.

“Parents are judged and can not share a child. According to the Family code of Ukraine, the father and mother have equal rights (child – ed.) thus all disputes are resolved in court. Often, when parents get divorced, start scandals, during which do not take into account the interests of the child”, – told Larisa Tooth.

She noted that the role of the police is to establish where the child is and if she is not threatened danger.

“If one of the parents is deprived of parental rights, police have no right to take the child,” – said the head of the Department of juvenile prevention.

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