Julia Samoylova is crying because of that not got into the final of “Eurovision”

10 may took place in Lisbon the second semi-final of the song contest “Eurovision”.

Юлія Самойлова розплакалася з-за того, що не потрапила у фінал «Євробачення»

10 may took place in Lisbon the second semi-final of the song contest “Eurovision”. In addition to other artists appeared on the stage and Yulia Samoylova, represented Russia. However, to qualify for the finals she failed, reports Rus.Media.

The last few months the 29-year-old Yulia Samoylova was preparing for a performance at the “Eurovision”. The singer had to present his song last year, but then the Ukrainian authorities have banned her from entering Kiev. It was at that moment it was decided that Julia will appear in 2018. At the beginning of this year the First channel has officially confirmed the candidacy of Samoilova, and a few months premiere of the song, which was written specifically for her. However, neither year of training, neither the new song nor the support of millions of Russians didn’t help Yulia to be in the final.

The evening of may 10, Samoilova made in Lisbon. On stage, the singer appeared in a dress, quite scriven her wheelchair.

However, the room Samoilova European audience did not like, therefore, Russia for the first time in many years not appeared in the final of “Eurovision”. The singer burst into tears on hearing that it is not passed on. Husband of Julia and her mother, arriving in Portugal, soothed upset Samoilov.

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