Israel released a video of the destruction of the Russian zrpk “Shell-C1” in Syria

The press service of the Israel defense forces released a video of the destruction of one of the goals in Syria during airstrikes produced in response to committed in the night of may 10 attacks on Israeli territory.

Ізраїль оприлюднив відео знищення російського ЗРПК «Панцир-С1» в Сирії

The goal was a system SA-22, said The Jerusalem Post. SA-22 Greyhound – marking of “Shell-C1” for NATO codification. This is the first confirmed loss of such equipment in the fighting in Syria, informs Rus.Media.

The Kremlin in recent years has set Assad up to 40 zrpk “Carapace-C1”. The complex is designed for middle cover civil and military facilities from all modern and promising means of air attack.

Earlier, the press service of the IDF reported that on the territory of Syria has been attacked more than 50 targets, including five radars of the Syrian air defense systems s-200 (SA5), s-75 Dvina (SA2), “Shell-C1” (SA22) and “Buk-M1-2” (SA17).

Journalist of the German newspaper Bild Julian turnip managed to carry out the geolocation of the place, which was caused by an airstrike is a military airport “mezze” (Damascus), which is 3.8 km from presidential Palace of Bashar al-Assad.

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