In the United States showed how the Russian “trolls” influenced the election of the President

Congressmen-Democrats of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. house of representatives has published copies of paid “trolls” posts in Facebook, created with the purpose to influence the American presidential election in 2016.

У США показали, як російські «тролі» впливали на вибори президента

About this powderless on the Committee’s website, reports Rus.Media.

The representatives of the Democratic party of the United States remind us that in January 2017 the intelligence community concluded that Russia interfered in the us elections, trying to facilitate the victory of Donald trump and defeat Hillary Clinton.

As noted by Committee member Adam Schiff during the open hearing in November 2017 with representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google, [Russian] campaign in social networks was directed on split in the US, inciting riots on the grounds of some differences.

“The Russians did it, by combining the fake accounts, pages, and communities to promote politicized content and video, as well as to mobilize these Americans to sign the online petition and participate in rallies and protests,” he said.

Allegedly, it was purchased more than 3.5 thousand ads. They saw 11.4 million Americans. The Russian “trolls” has been created 470 pages in Facebook. These pages, in turn, has created 80 thousand pieces of content that extended to more than 126 million Americans.

У США показали, як російські «тролі» впливали на вибори президента

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