In the Cabinet said, who will need to renew the subsidy

The Ministry of social policy of Ukraine recalls that about 15% of the Ukrainians, who receive a subsidy, you will need to re-register in the bodies of social protection .

В Кабміні повідомили, кому потрібно буде переоформити субсидію

About 15% of the population receive subsidies will have to address in bodies of social protection for the renewal of subsidies in connection with the introduction of the new rules, however, the vast majority of state aid will be reassigned in automatic mode, the press service of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, reports Rus.Media.

“Everyone who needs help from the state, will continue to receive it. The vast majority of citizens, subsidies for the next heating season will be automatically changed. To address in bodies of social protection it is necessary only to separate categories of citizens who qualify under the new criteria imposed for cleanup of targeted subsidies and to prevent widespread abuse. For example, the family bought a car by age less than 5 years. Until recently, such purchase was not a criterion for appointment or abolition of subsidies. Now we have to put it in the Declaration and to submit to the social security authorities a new application,” – said the Director of the Department of state social assistance Minsotspolitiki Vitaly muzichenko.

According to him, according to preliminary calculations, the number of people who may have recourse to the bodies of social security, approximately 15-20% of all grantees.

“These people just need to contact the social security authorities and submit the package of documents – statement and Declaration – to determine the right to a subsidy. Those who have the condition don’t change, who did not buy anything, and in the composition of families have no able-bodied persons who declare no income – eligible for subsidy will be automatically saved. To address in bodies of social protection, repeat, not need,” – said the representative of the Ministry of social policy.

“We will continue to defend those who needs help. But the state will not pay for those who have a hidden condition or working in the informal sector. It is a violation of the principles of social justice,” – said V. Muzychenko.

In Minsotspolitiki reminded that in the next heating season grant will be provided “real money”, that is, their recipients will be able to keep saved as a result of economical consumption means, thus, monetization will be an additional incentive for energy efficiency.

The Ministry also recalled that the Cabinet approved the decision on the number of changes in the subsidy program to reduce cases of abuse.

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