In MELOVIN with left eye

The winner of the national selection for Eurovision 2018 MELOVIN told me that he left eye.

Що у MELOVIN з лівим оком

Lens bright blue and white colors in one eye became one of the chips of the singer, reports Rus.Media.

In fact all the Bones in the right eye. Bright lenses – just a way to stand out from the crowd.

Earlier in the Arsenal of the singer was lenses of different colors, particularly gray and green. Now MELOVIN only wears white-blue lens.

– There is no collection, just a few cans of white lenses blue. Before there were others, but I became interested. People have come up with that in my eyes lenses different colors, and in fact I always wear a lens in only one eye, the artist said.

According to the artist, his right eye is present, and the left, with the lens, symbolizes art.

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