In Lithuania propose to ban St. George ribbon: the Russian soldiers who are fighting in Donbas, use it as an identification mark

The deputies of the Lithuanian opposition conservative party want in the country to ban St. George ribbon.

У Литві пропонують заборонити георгіївську стрічку: російські солдати, які воюють на Донбасі, використовують її як розпізнавальний знак

This idea was criticized by the head of the Polish party in Lithuania, MEP Waldemar Tomaszewski , reports Rus.Media.

“In connection with the geopolitical situation, threats to national security, defending the principles of freedom, sovereignty, democratic system, we propose to introduce amendments to the Law on public meetings and the Code of administrative offences, including the St. George’s ribbon in banned Nazi and Communist symbols,” reads the statement of the deputies of the party homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

Conservatives reminded that St. George ribbon, also in Lithuania, have begun to use in 2005 as a symbol of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. After the annexation of Crimea and the war of the Russian Federation in the Donbass, two-color ribbon has been discredited.

“The symbol of St. George cannot be negative. Stalin himself for a long time forbidden to use a tape”, – said the head of the Polish party in Lithuania Tomaszewski.

Tomashevsky many years coming may 9 to the cemetery in Vilnius, where the Soviet soldiers are buried and where the light is symbolic of the eternal fire, and together with representatives of the Russian community lays flowers there. In 2014, Tomaszewski on may 9 wearing a St. George ribbon, for which he was massively criticized.

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