In China a boy was born four years after his parents died in a car accident

Incredible story!

В Китаї народився хлопчик через чотири роки після смерті батьків в автокатастрофі

According to Chinese media, the boy was born by a surrogate mother. His parents died in an accident four years ago!

The deceased couple before the death of fertility treatments in 2013, informs

The parents of the dead three years of fighting with lawyers to get zaplanina embryo newlywed, who was in the hospital in the Eastern city of Nanjing.

The newborn boy was given the name “Tiantian” and feels good.

“He is always smiling, his eyes are like the eyes of my daughter, but he is more like his father,” said the new grandmother Hu Snsan.

Grandparents had to face many obstacles to give his grandson a life. In China officially banned surrogacy, so they had to withdraw the embryo from China and prove the paternity and the nationality of the child after birth.

“At first we thought about using air travel, but none of the airlines did not want to take the bottle with liquid nitrogen in a thermos, which contained four embryos,” – said in an interview with Liu Baisun, an expert on the surrogates who helped families.

The family decided to carry his precious cargo to Laos on their own, where commercial surrogacy is legal.

The next problem was to return the child to China. Children born through surrogacy outside the country, must have a DNA test, which confirms that one of the biological parents is a citizen of China.

To work around this problem, Lao surrogate mother was brought to China on a tourist visa, and the family agreed to her birth in a private hospital in the southern city of Guangzhou.

The child was in the hospital for 15 days, until all four grandparents have not given blood for DNA tests, finding that the boy was their grandson and that both parents were citizens of China.

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