In 2018 in Ukraine will marry over the new rules and rates

Stamps in the passport will be no more.

У 2018 році в Україні будуть одружуватися за новими правилами і розцінками

A family is a serious step in life of each person, reports Rus.Media. And, of course, marrying one is sure that it will be once and for life. So want to see all the outfits the newlyweds, the cake, the wedding ceremony and celebration was perfect.

So you can organize everything in the best way and avoid unpleasant surprises, we suggest to familiarize with the new rules for marriage in Ukraine.

How to register marriage in Ukraine

Under the law, the order of marriage involves three stages:

1. The choice of registry office wedding. Because now you can apply at any registry office regardless of the registration of a place of accommodation for the newlyweds, you can choose it to your taste (for example, by such criteria, in my favorite city, beautiful place, convenient location, low statistics of divorce, etc.).

2. Familiarization with rights and responsibilities. When you come to apply to the Registrar, his staff will acquaint you with the main points of the Family code of Ukraine, will talk about the rights and responsibilities of spouses and parents about responsibility for concealment of facts that prevents the registration of a marriage, etc.

3. The filing of an application for registration of marriage. Statement, the future spouses must submit in person or in the case of extenuating circumstances that prevent this, through a representative. Also there is now an opportunity to apply online through the website “Appeal in the sphere of state registration of acts of civil status”. True, so you can apply while not at all registry offices of the country.

Features of an application through the Internet

If you decide to apply electronically you will need:

to register on the above website;

select the branch Registrar, the date, time and type of ceremony;

to pay the state duty;

fill in electronically the application form, pavanelli its own digital signatures. If you don’t, you still have within 3 working days after registering the application to go to your chosen RFCS and apply in person.

What documents are required for marriage registration in 2018

When submitting the application to the Registrar not forget to bring a full package of documents.

The couple – citizens of Ukraine

the passport of the citizen;

identification code;

receipt of payment of the state duty and services of the Registrar;

minor’s birth certificate and the court’s permission for the marriage.


In addition to the above documents, you need to have proof of termination of previous marriage. It can be:

a divorce certificate;

the court decision on divorce;

the death certificate of a spouse;

the court’s decision or statement of the Registrar on the annulment.

Marriage registration with foreigner


the document confirming the existence of legal grounds for stay in Ukraine.

All documents produced outside of Ukraine should be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

How long to wait for marriage

Usually the wedding day schedule through the month after submission. If a valid reason documented (for example, pregnancy of the bride, long trip, health, conscription, etc.) painting can be made even on the day of submission of the application.

Also from July 2016 in some towns of Ukraine by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, launched a pilot project that allows the couple to marry at any convenient time, even after several hours after application. As expected, soon the Express registration will be possible throughout the country, not only in cities but also in rural areas. Moreover in some cities of Ukraine to apply for registration and to enter into marriage will be around the clock.

Another innovation is that now in the passport of the citizen of Ukraine will not put a stamp on a marriage, and mark divorce, documentary evidence of marriage will become a testimony of his conclusion.

How much to marry for a day in 2018 in Ukraine

The cost of the Express marriage registration depends on various factors. If you have decided to become husband and wife on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00 – from UAH 1000.

In the evening and night time is from 16.00 to 9.00 am or at the weekend – from 1700 UAH. Want to marry in the next hour? It will cost you from UAH 2000. Express outdoor wedding ceremony – from 2500 UAH.

The preferential price is provided for the disabled, veterans, orphaned children and members of the ATU.

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