Great Friday news: scientists have found a cure for alcoholism

The substance is called JVW-1034, and it will save you from a hangover! Unless, of course, will be able in the morning to remember what it’s called.

Відмінна п&#039ятнична новина: вчені знайшли ліки від алкоголізму

It turns out, alcoholism is not a lack of willpower and not inherent characteristics of a rock star, and a genetic trait. Why are some people affected more than others, reports Rus.Media.

But this is only the Intro. The most interesting is a substance called JVW-1034. The study’s authors — scientists from the University of Hostinskogo claim that they were able to find a cure neurological actions docause person from the use of ethanol.

Obtained the drug, according to scientists, can be used with other forms of drug addiction. Not so long ago, geneticists have deciphered the structure of the Sigma-receptor, and it made me understand how the addiction of a living organism from a specific chemical compound.

Scientists have developed several drugs that block the work of Sigma-receptors in the neurons. Starting test on worms-alcoholics, they chose the most effective drug — JVW-1034. It completely eliminates the effect of the hangover the worms. Test the same drug on rats-alcoholics showed equally good results.

Scientists expect reviews of research and project approval of clinical trials on human alcoholics.

Back worms-alcoholics and rats-alcoholics in their family after an amazing healing, the source said.

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