Formation under the skin: lumps, balls, seals, talc

Found herself under the skin the seal in the form of a ball, the person begins to experience tumor! Is it really so? And when really makes sense to worry?

Утворення під шкірою: шишки, кульки, ущільнення, жировики

Various formations under the skin lumps, balls, seals, tumors is a common problem faced by many. In most cases, these formations are harmless. Some of them require treatment. This requires consultation with a dermatologist.

Lipoma (Wen)

This benign tumor from fat cells. Lipoma is felt under the skin as a soft education with clear boundaries, sometimes a rough surface. The skin over the lipoma is a common color and density, can be easily assembled into the fold.

Most often a lipoma appears on the scalp, neck, armpits, chest, back and hips. When reaching a large size can cause pain. If desired, the surgeon can remove a lipoma local anesthesia.


It is often confused with lipoma, also called Wens. Actually it’s a cyst, that is stretched sebaceous glands which clog up the excretory duct. The contents of atheroma – skin fat, which gradually accumulates and stretches the capsule of the gland.

To the touch it is a dense rounded education with clear boundaries. The skin over the atheroma it is impossible to collect in the crease, sometimes the surface above it is bluish and it is possible to consider a point to be clogged duct. Sebaceous cyst may become inflamed and fester. It also if necessary be removed surgically.


It is a dense slow-moving ball under the skin, which often occurs on the wrist in the form of cones. A ganglion cyst does not hurt and does no harm when placed in other locations, for example, the palm can interfere with daily work. When you accidentally hit a ganglion cyst may disappear, as it is an accumulation of fluid between the fibers of the tendon, which, when mechanical action breaks. If it bothers you, your surgeon will tell you that the best thing to do in a particular case.


Feels like a mild protrusion under the skin that can appear under load and completely disappear when lying down or at rest. Hernia is formed in the region of the navel, the scar on the abdomen, groin, inner thigh. By touching the hernia can be painful. Sometimes fingers are able to straighten it back.

Hernia form the internal organs of the abdomen. They bulge outward through weak spots in the abdominal wall during increase of abdominal pressure during coughing, lifting and other loads. The danger is that at any time a hernia can be painful to be denied and seal. You should immediately contact the surgeon.

Enlarged lymph nodes

They often accompany colds. Lymph nodes are small rounded education that can be felt under the skin in the form of elastic balls in size from a pea to a plum.

These groups are located in the neck, under the jaw, above and below the collarbone, under the arm, the elbow and knee folds, in the groin, and other parts of the body. This components of the immune system as a filter, passed through interstitial fluid, cleaning it from infection and damaged cells.

The increase in the size of lymph nodes and pain when probing is usually accompanied by infectious diseases – tonsillitis, otitis media, dental abscess, and wounds and burns. Treatment of the underlying disease usually leads to a decrease of the node.

If the skin over the lymph node becomes red, and probing it becomes extremely painful, probably the development of lymphadenitis, suppurative lesions of the node. You may need a small operation, but with early treatment it is sometimes possible to cope with the infection with antibiotics.

If palpable under the skin dense hilly education, and the skin over it is not possible to collect in the crease, the damaged node is malignant. In this case we have to refer to an oncologist.

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