Folk omens on 11 may – the Day of Jason

In ancient times, the Slavs believed that the day may 11 is endowed with truly magical powers.

Народні прикмети на 11 травня - День Ясона

People tried to this day to collect birch juice, which was considered just now healing. This juice may 11 and not only fed the sick people, hoping for their speedy recovery. From the South could blow a very warm wind, and there was a tradition to gather it in a little bag, and then hang such amulets on the neck of sick people, bringing recovery, according to existing beliefs. Also, very often, on 11 may, was preparing a drug from leaves of the plantain, mother and stepmother, nettle. Doing this often healers who have stocked up on potions for the next few months, and then used them to treat patients, reports Rus.Media.

In ancient times, the celebration of may 11 was called Maximov day, and Jason Maxim, Maxim-beresoon. Ancestors believed that on the first day of the second decade of may the warm wind brings health. Therefore, it was collected in amulets. Subsequently, they wore exactly the same as the cross.

11 may was also known as the day that tried to treat patients with fevers. For this purpose, the nettles, the mother-and-stepmother, birch SAP. However, patients with pre-bathed in rainwater, or tried to grate the March snow, specially prepared for this, and it was Done only in clear and Sunny weather, which predicted a complete recovery and longevity. In bad weather, no rites are not performed, treatment was considered ineffective.

As for birch SAP, it is considered that this is an excellent tool for the treatment of edema, arthritis, scurvy, anemia, gout, boils. Talked about the fact that the most healthful juice to 11 may in the upper branches of a birch, and it is this drink is especially effective in the treatment of diseases.

Said that on may 11 the oak buds unfold.

Folk omens on may 11

Clean the sunrise, and the sky is cloudless, the summer will be Sunny

In the night of may 11, the night is warm and starry – you can count on a rich harvest

South wind blows will be a lot of thunderstorms in the summer, it will be possible to gather a rich harvest

If the weather is 11 may is warm, and the sky visible stars on a rich harvest will be

Sang larks say that it is time to take up the plow

Birch blossomed – a sign that it is time to sow the oats

Oak blossomed – it’s time to plant peas

May 11 came the winged ants to start planting oats

Blossomed Rowan before – so it will be possible to gather a rich harvest of oats

Decreased temperature until the end of the rain – a sign that in the coming days the weather will improve

Late blooming dandelions – summer will be dry

Star 11 may flicker strongly at dawn – it will rain soon

Butterflies hid in barns and houses will be windy and cold.

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