Experts revealed the reasons for the spread of contagious cancer

It turned out that cancer can be transmitted in the case…

Експерти розкрили причини поширення заразного раку

Previously it was thought that cancer might be contagious. Now, however, the researchers note that they were able to prove that cancer can be transmitted from sick to healthy, reports Rus.Media.

Scientists just found out the existence of contagious cancer, but also revealed the reasons for its distribution. It turned out that the disease can be transmitted in case there are special conditions for the body.

In the study, tests were carried out on raccoon dogs, bivalves, and the Tasmanian devil. As a result, scientists have proved that healthy animals when competing for food or mating with a female, able to bite each other.

It turned out that fights and bites lead to the fact that in their places there are malignant tumors. This is an example of how animals can get cancer from each other. Thus, an important role is also played by the animal’s immune system. For example, the Tasmanian devil has zero immunity due to the isolated habitat. Therefore, this species is especially vulnerable to the effects of cancer. They can suffer from it in the case of the struggle for the female, so as a result, in some areas, happen the whole epidemic.

Now doctors are saying about the 9 types of transmission of cancer affecting these animals. This is an important discovery, which allows you to talk about that among the people can also be transmitted cancer. In addition, in the future these forms of cancer can also be dangerous to humans.

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