Congratulations with the International day of nurses

12 may is international nurses day. Although the actual holiday for over a hundred years, he officially was established in 1971.

Привітання з  Міжнародним днем медичних сестер


The most humane profession of a nurse
On the first call to us to come to you,
Diagnosis you put the right always,
If you need to replace the doctor.
Today your holiday, congratulations,
Endurance, patience you wish
Let life flows like a river,
Prosperity, family warmth.


The nurse today is a holiday
Her best moment.
She so much,
Not when her eyes shut!
Always neat, in a white robe,
To the rescue each of us,
And sheets will replace all in the house,
And guard it every hour!
And a wonderful day, international,
We want to sincerely pomagati:
Inspiration to You in such a difficult work
And You will be universal grace!


Nurses and nurse!
I want to wish you I
At least in this occasion
To relax a bit!

Heavy your work
Always patient something
So need you
Do not hesitate a bit.

And white you coats
Like angels, winged
Are people using
In overtaken their trouble.

May you good luck
Stalking more often
Let failure
Will not meet anywhere else, informs Rus.Media.


For the love of people and respect
And for their sensitivity to their
Be true to your own banner
Stay as you are!


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