Congratulations nurses 2016

12 may is the perfect occasion to thank all the nurses who put their hearts into the care and custody of patients.

Привітання з днем медсестри 2016

This date is International nurses day. Noble and hard-working profession worthy of respect. The nurse is more of a calling. A calling to help people who really need help and care. The day of celebration of the representatives of this noble profession coincides with the date of birth of the famous Englishwoman Florence Nightingale during the Crimean war, created the world’s first organization of nurses. Anyone who felt the care of these large women, and their friends, that this day should Express gratitude to them.


For help, we appeal to the nurse
As to their relatives as a sister
By his mercy she would be surprised
The Hippocratic oath never changes.
Day nurses congratulate you sincerely,
Good health, good luck wish
Let raise, not for the blind,
Let everything in life will help you.


The most humane profession of a nurse
On the first call to us to come to you,
Diagnosis you put the right always,
If you need to replace the doctor.
Today your holiday, congratulations,
Endurance, patience you wish
Let life flows like a river,
Prosperity, family warmth.


The nurse for us, as the light in the window,
Not do without it we never
Good look, and it’s easier to have a little,
Cure instantly, because she has a light hand.
The day nurses we hasten to congratulate You,
Great success in the work You wish,
Always let your dream come true,
Let the flies the bird of happiness to You always.


Nurse, like doctor Aybolit,
Without an x-ray determines where and what hurts,
The experience helps her always
Yes, and the good of her soul.
Let your holiday dreams come true,
Let it be in my life time
Let you appreciate the love, respect,
Let trusted friends surround you.


Golden hands nurses
For the patient just Otkrovenie,
And the words good consolation
At the moment when suffering is acute.
Way! A toast to the gift
Be needed always!


Girls, nurses, and health to all of you,
Care bear aching to all of us!
And even shots from your hand
Not painful, very easy!
We congratulate you, wish the good,
We know, the soul does not go out spark
And will you give us health to carry
And we praise you on the way!


Sweetie Belle, nurse,
Languid eyes, gait from the hip,
The wards slowly goes,
Like a white Swan floats!
Congratulations with the holiday of your
And with love, together, say-
Dear, be always like that,
Sweet, gentle, and all of us native!


Nurse road,
Congratulations to you congratulations,
And wish not to hurt,
And soul does not get old!
Your kindness and patience
We will raise the mood
May you always lucky
And always good luck waiting!


Congratulations to you, nurse!
With a holiday you, the beauty of ours!
Without a doubt, all brighter and more beautiful
So good and diligent, fast.
The patient loves you, and the doctor
Work respects you,
A long toast to you continues
You eye for the tube don’t hide!
For the lack of enemas do not swear —
Cotton wool, bandages and gloves we syschem…
Nurse, the sick, our poor,
Like siblings, help!!!


Your profession,
On the other hand its not to compare
I want to tell you, I
That your work could appreciate.
You are a busy bee
Parhae to your patients
Always stay happy,
And be loyal to family!

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