Brezhnev boasted a rare photo.

The singer believes it is better not to publicly display a family photo.

Брежнєва похвалилася рідкісним фото з Меладзе

May 11, Konstantin Meladze birthday and this year is his 55th anniversary, with than Instagram to congratulate his wife Vera Brezhnev, reports Rus.Media.

The singer has posted a tender black-and-white photo with her husband in the social network and signed it: “Today, 55”. Now, congratulatory comments addressed to the birthday boy, he will not cease to appear even a few days.

Fans of the couple have reacted to this rare shot shared Faith and commended it to 250 thousand likes in just a few hours after publication.

Брежнєва похвалилася рідкісним фото з Меладзе

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