Beach season: the doctors reminded about security measures

On the beach children and adults wait several dangerous to life and health of things.

Пляжний сезон: лікарі нагадали про заходи безпеки

In front of everyone waiting for the weekend and if the weather does not disappoint, many go to relax on the beach, to sunbathe and even swim, reports Rus.Media.

The main danger on the beach where doctors have made a plan of precautionary measures is water. Open water has always been considered and will be considered a place, in contact with which you should be careful.

The most important rules of behavior on the beach near the river, sea or ocean:

– do not leave children unattended;

– do not swim away for anchor buoys;

not to go into the water in a state of intoxication;

– the optimal water temperature for bathing children is 24-26°C and for adults is 20-24°C;

– do not sleep while riding on an inflatable mattress;

for small children and people who do not know how to swim, created an inflatable arm ruffles, circles, vests that should be worn, especially if the sea or the ocean watching the storm;

– do not jump into water from a pier or rocks if you don’t know what the bottom in the water, otherwise you can get seriously injured or even killed.

Water is not the only thing that carries a risk. Many people forget about the dangers of solar radiation and returning home after a beach with a terrible skin burns, which may cause the development of melanoma or, as they call it is a disease of skin cancer.

What to do not to get heatstroke and not get burnt?

Пляжний сезон: лікарі нагадали про заходи безпеки

– before leaving the house should be applied to exposed areas of the body sunscreen at the beach this procedure is repeated and after each exit from the water again to put the cream on the skin;

– be sure to wear a sun hat/cap/scarf/hat for children and adults;

sunglasses protect the retina from UV light, which will reduce the risk of developing cataracts;

– you can sunbathe from early morning until 11:00, then must leave the beach or move into the shade, back to sun after 15:00;

– do not drink alcohol on the beach;

– do not lie on one place for a long time;

– try not to sleep, as it is fraught with consequences.

Rest for the benefit of his soul and body, not forgetting the important security measures that must be implemented by all without exception.

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