Baked mackerel in the oven will become an ornament to any dinner

A recipe for delicious fish starters.

Запечена скумбрія в духовці стане прикрасою будь-якої вечері

Baked mackerel in the oven should be at any table. In big celebration, and in a friendly meeting at the end of the working week. After the appetizer of the fish blends perfectly with many foods and drinks. In addition, the mackerel in the oven is good for health. Because it includes a lot of nutrients required by the human body. Therefore, the proposed very simple and delicious recipe for mackerel, which will bring you a lot of positive emotions, reports Rus.Media.

How to cook mackerel in an oven

The necessary ingredients for a delicious snack

3 fresh frozen mackerel;

3 teaspoons mustard;

3 teaspoons of mayonnaise;

a pinch of salt.

Step-by-step cooking mackerel

Slightly defrost the mackerel. This will allow you to cut it into beautiful finished pieces.

Make a mayonnaise sauce. To do this, mix the mayonnaise with mustard. If you have a little mustard can add a bit of grated horseradish. The taste does not deteriorate, but rather become more refined.

Salt the mackerel and RUB on all sides with the sauce. Don’t spare the sauce, as it will give the fish juiciness.

How to bake the mackerel in the oven

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper or foil. Lay the fish pieces on its surface.

Mackerel in the oven needs to bake for half an hour.

Appetizer of fish served at the table as a whole or in a sliced form. To cut it better raw as baked mackerel poorly cut, thus can spoil its aesthetic appearance.

If your passion after recipe of mackerel in this version of the subject, and baked mackerel eaten for a long time, you can try to pickle the fish. View an interesting video how to cook salted mackerel at home.

A glass of beer and baked mackerel helps you to relax after a hard week. Enjoy the holiday in a circle of true friends!

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