Australia was the worst murder in recent decades

In the West, Australia in the city Osmington on private property law enforcement officers found dead seven people, including four children.

В Австралії сталося найстрашніше вбивство за останні десятиліття

This was reported in the local police, reports Rus.Media.

It is noted that the bodies of all seven victims were found in the Margaret river region. Also, a representative of the Australian police said that the scene was discovered firearms.

“The bodies of two adults were found outside five bodies were inside the building. At the scene were two firearms. At least some of the victims suffered gunshot wounds,” – said the WA police Commissioner Chris Dawson.

The police added that the victims were homeowners, but refused to disclose their identity.

It is also noted that this crime is considered the worst mass shooting in Australia after the massacre in Port Arthur in 1996, when the Tasmanian shooter killed 35 people.

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