All challenges – pride

Once proud, no matter what – turn on a dual pendulum of pleasure and pain.

Всі проблеми - від гордості

Unattractiveness problem arises not from a lack of positive qualities and skills, it is only the symptoms of the problem. And she is born when they begin to be proud of their “quality”, put on themselves the stamp of high purity.

First, increase self-esteem, confident of their strength and beauty, and then it turns out that the price of this faith – a constant examination of life, where you have to prove that you not a camel. In General, all problems of pride, informs Rus.Media.

The inconsistency of pride

While proud to receive the joy of self-affirmation. When I can’t, I feel like nothing like really become worse, if the merits are not shining in all its glory.

Feeling worthless is a self – deception, covered samopoznanie for their imperfection. We suffer when they are unable to hide their same qualities that are incompatible with the objects of our pride.

When proud of the ease and freedom, suffer from any signs of dependence and subordination.

When proud of kindness, suppress your enthusiasm.

When proud temper, as a manifestation of “strength,” suppress kindness as a sign of weakness.

The position of teacher forbids to learn.

The way of perfection forbids to make mistakes, and therefore inhibits all initiatives.

Pride in their beauty is suffering from the slightest flaw.

Star fever burns inside every sign of declining in popularity.

And even “righteous” pride for the homeland in the result to anything good does not.

The list is endless. Enough to catch to be proud of, and in the column “suffering” can fit all that opposed to the object of pride. Any suitable polarity: warm – cold, high – low, hairy – shaved, playful – serious, professional – amateurish, masculine – feminine, hard – soft… Catch?

We may think that they suffer from completely different and even opposite things. It would seem that one man boasts pliability, sometimes – stubborn, single – humility, the other of disobedience, one calm, the other mobility, one black, the other white.

It’s All one and the same disease under the name of “self-importance”, it is “pride”.

Once proud, no matter what – turn on a dual pendulum of pleasure and pain. And other problems we have.

Sometimes we don’t even notice how contradictory feelings under the influence of pride. If you are offended and you got your revenge, then, was a bastard. And if you did not take revenge, cowardly jerk. If you helped someone – burdock, and if did not help – soulless selfish. And all this can happen in the same head.

Censorship of pride

Sometimes people explicitly or implicitly aware that it is important not only to be right and good, how to look so. And then not so important to be good always. Enough – on people, in a company where this “correct” I want to demonstrate. In this case, if a man is proud of his ostentatious honesty, he will be ashamed not to lie and its detection by others.

Conversely, it is possible to be honest but if there is no pride for their honesty, then it is not important what others will think of you. Then, the question is – will you be honest or not in the eyes of others – is not a question of hurt pride.

While managed with pride, even the direct survivors of the senses remains. Everything becomes fake. All suffering from hurt feelings, and the pleasure of its enjoyment. Joy, sympathy, grief, and antipathy – a response of pride at the situation.

The alienation can reach such an extent, when you lose the ability to enjoy life as it is and only bright polarity of humiliation and of glory still tickle nerves.

Under the influence of pride passed all of his feelings through the tough filters of personal censorship. Feelings that work against pride, stifle yourself. And the senses, playing with pride on the hand, artificially inflated, empty and disconnect the psyche, leaving her shivering under the onslaught of repressed feelings.

We are proud of the endless flow of information about yourself. They can arise in the pattern is so convoluted and layered that to understand its roots under force far not to everyone. Therefore, most people can’t see the real issue, and always cover her circumstances. In the end, is to live, how to live in anticipation of when the next fiasco will be replaced by another same about the ego.

If incarna fed up with this duality, where pride and humiliation pulling the levers of the mind, then self-knowledge and tracking the reasons and objects of his pride – suitable, and may be the only way.

Not to create problems, we should be proud consciously.

Be aware what is happening. Remember the mechanical effects of reflection on its high quality – it pays at the end of life challenges.

Look at yourself in the future. If today luck – that doesn’t mean you are a loser. If today we have achieved success – it doesn’t make you perfect. You’re the one who is – not a star and not a zero without a stick, a mere mortal, know the life.

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