Admiral Kabanenko has admitted that Russia could block the Strait of Kerch for Ukrainian ships

After Russia began to check the ships that are sent to Ukraine, the Ukrainian stock Admiral Igor kabanenko warned of a new possible steps of the Kremlin.

Адмірал Кабаненко допустив, що РФ може заблокувати Керченську протоку для українських судів

According to him, the result of neighbouring country could block the Kerch Strait. He also told how this question can help US, reports Rus.Media.

Former Deputy Minister of defence of the Republic of Crimea, the stock Admiral Igor kabanenko said that the country-aggressor, Russia can go on a radical step on the Peninsula. In particular, the enemy can block the Strait of Kerch and Ukraine should be ready for it. He also recalled that the Kremlin has already given approval for the inspection of all ships heading to the shores of the Ukrainian state.

In connection with the possible risk of such a situation, the Admiral offered the Ukrainian Navy to organize the convoy escort warships. Carabina explained that if the Russian invaders time you decide to stop and inspect the ship, an act to qualify as an attack.

“That is an act of aggression, with the corresponding rights and duties of warships to show,” he said.

Kabanenko also urged the Ukrainian border guards to be alert. According to him, Russia can block the passage of ships through the Kerch Strait to the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk. It is not excluded, that the neighboring country uses and other “negative scenarios”.

The Admiral added that US assistance in this matter would be as relevant as ever. In particular, he proposes to use American patrol boats of the Island class to maintain order at sea. He also said that the strengthening of naval forces of Ukraine would help the country. However, while the States has not conveyed its ally, the Ukraine, the promised weapons.

We will remind, earlier it became known that from April 30 the Russian mercenaries in Crimea took to check the ships that are sent to Ukraine. It does not matter under which flag operates the flight the ship. It is also known that some ships are subject to inspections several times. In Russia has said that such a practice is the norm and stressed that it had to start early.

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