A group of children were tortured in the basement of a five year old girl

Investigators TFR check the information about the incident to Krish district of Tula oblast, where in the cellar of one of houses four children strapped a five year old girl, beat her, bit her and threw her into the rocks, said on Wednesday the regional control RF IC.

Група дітей катувала в підвалі п&#039ятирічну дівчинку

Four local children from 7 to 12 years dragged 5-year-old girl in a ruined basement, tying her hands and feet. The girl was beaten, bitten, thrown stones at her, threatened to cut her with shards of the bottle. The motive of hatred was the fact that according to the attackers, little girl punctured tire of their bike.

According to the mother of the victim, the family of the girl who initiated the attack, is on the account in division on Affairs of minors. The girl is the aggressor in the village there. She was taken away yesterday for examination in the hospital.

Law enforcement officers conducted an inspection for this reason. In a criminal case is denied, as these children reached the age of criminal responsibility. All materials have been submitted to the Commission on Affairs of minors for acceptance further decisions on application of measures of an educational nature.

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