A car for women or female models

Marketers knowingly eat their own bread , and therefore, studying the passion of women , the manufacturers make a special “niche” car , which is suitable for women.

Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин

That women finally and irrevocably got behind the wheel of a car is not subject to doubt. Well, in some cases, especially after the “men’s tea”, the second driver in the family, even useful. But, this statement is more like a joke, but to be independent from her husband and to go to work, to take, to bring children to visit beauty salons, and fashion boutiques, it is your car not hurt. But what kind of car to offer dear and beloved? “Chevrolet Suburban “, “Hummer” or “Lincoln Navigator”? Probably not. Marketers knowingly eat their own bread, and therefore, studying the passion of women, the manufacturers make a special “niche” car, which is suitable for women. Of course, the criteria of car for girls is so versatile and skeptical, due to the personal preferences of each that we give only non-binding information, which is to seek the opinion of the majority. But what accessories to improve your car to make it to the end of the original and loved, that we probably won’t even advise women. Because this will determine your unique, feminine style in each case.

Criteria of choosing car for women

The first criterion clearly – the beauty, but not pretentious design. Beautiful woman ( and women are all good ) should ride in a beautiful car. Of course, every woman has their own idea of beauty, but the main ideas of beauty match most women. A smooth shape, a bold look, a harmonious combination of transitions, the shapes of the headlights. Not the last is the color. To female can be attributed to the soft and bright colors, but gray and black, these colors are probably more suitable for working vehicles. And don’t think that if you like the car, you get used to it’s color, probably not. On the contrary, the color will always discourage you, so take what you like. In second place is the size of the car. And don’t say it needs to be the size of an Oka. If only the woman does not push people, then most likely the woman to buy a car of conventional size, for example, Golf -class. Fortunately such cars, manufacturers offer the market a sufficient number, it is about them we will talk later. Just say and that cars with limited size is somewhat easier to manage, which is why they belong to the group of recommended for women. Let the ladies will not find it offensive, but for many of them, such a criterion will be decisive. The third parameter is the safety car for women. A small car a small car, and even in virtue of their size, can not provide decent security. That is why you should pay attention to global brands with a limited body size, able to ensure proper security, such as Toyota, BMW, Audi. Functionality. This for women was invented the automatic transmission, air conditioning, and heated seats. Of course, the real avtoledi not able to tolerate sudden changes from heat to cold or Vice versa, suffer from the inability to normally shift gears, tight steering with no hydro-or electro – amplifier, therefore, it is worth to reiterate on branded models. The reliability of the car for women also will have not last value. It is hard to imagine how a woman with a good manicure, turns adjustment screws on the carb or trying to tighten the clamp on the rubber pipe of system of cooling, to prevent leaks. That is why, even for beginners women, unlike men beginners, we would advise you to take a hassle-free car in terms of technical conditions and reliability. You should say that, of course, on the choice of vehicle for women affected by the position in society, the size of the purse, and just personal preferences, which we have already mentioned. But the class, the level of the minimum possible car for women should always be slightly higher than the minimum possible option for men due to women’s characteristics. That is why, dear women, despite the positive experience of their colleagues at the helm of the men, first think about whether you fit this car, and only after decide to buy.

Some classic examples of “female” car

The ratings of “female” cars are pretty much the options are many, but we will present your let a little limited, but all the same look at the “female” cars. Of course, you can disagree with it or find your own alternative and this is your respected opinion.

The French were autombile for women

In our rating start with “Peugeot 207”. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин Funny French kid. If his unusual appearance conquered you, remember the details: the service is “French” is expensive, and there is also a view that they “can’t break”, that is, starting to break through three years after the start of operation to stop they can not. The French have always amazed the world with a unique style, which is why you will always be noticeable on such a machine, the more that Peugeot, the car enough high-class and reliability, so if you will get in good condition and better than new. Another French car. “Citroen C3”. The concern of the RBA highlighted has positioned S3 as a woman’s car, while quite powerful, up to 120 K. S. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин Design without any pretensions to something, but as a result, is able not to cause a violent, one-time emotions, so for a long time to live with his mistress who get used to it.

“The Japanese” as machines for girls

Next, consider Japanese cars for women who choose the car of your dreams. “Toyota Yaris”. The safest car in rating – five stars in EuroNCAP tests. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин Designed specifically for the younger generation and is great for women. The engine capacity of 1.33 is quite enough for dynamic driving. Possible as version with 5 door body and door 3. Japanese reliability, modern design, maneuverability, make the Toyota Yaris a classic women’s car. Do not forget about the alternative to the Toyota Auris. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин “Honda Jazz”. Submits its efficiency and enough power for confident riding in the city. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин Let’s recall the Japanese reliability and practicality. This machine is well suited for those who will use it as a “workhorse”. “Nissan Micra” – the reliability and convenience of this car perfected from model to model her entire 25-year history, and now add to this a striking, unusual design. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин Smooth shapes and in some cases two-tone upholstery give this car its own unique charm. And if you said about Japanese reliability, it’s quite a good choice for women.

Women’s American cars

What prompts us Americans, in an alternative women’s car? First of all, this “Ford Fiesta”. Fiesta is a car for the family women “over thirty.” In addition, it uses elements of the larger vehicles of the type button, turn on the engine, a powerful computer with multi function display system “Key-Free”. In General, all serious, as in most of Mrs. in her already established a successful life. Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин This car stands out among other able to find it with a more powerful engine of 1.6 liters. This will allow yourself to feel the road somewhat more confident due to the high dynamics of acceleration during acceleration, as with space, so accordingly when driving.

The view of Koreans on the women’s car

“Daewoo Matiz” we are all included in this rating because it takes a low price. The cheapest car with automatic transmission (though, unfortunately, cars with automatic transmission are already out of production). A good option for small budget: costs for the purchase and maintenance of a car is minimal. The main disadvantages of the absence of airbags and poor quality of metal and paint: Matti shameless rust within a year after start of operation.

Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин

“Hyundai Getz”. A great choice for women. Stylish, powerful. These cars, like the Ford Fiesta can be found with the engine of 1.6 liters.

Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин

If we talk about the features, that is to say about the price. Which would slightly reduce on a Korean car, but the growing demand for “Koreans” seems no longer to hold. Especially because many already consider them a good alternative, relative to Japanese cars.

Women’s car as the personification of the cherry on the cake…

Well, of course, “Mini”. How much would it cost and how many would not consume fuel, this car always attracts attention, no matter how many times you have seen her.

Автомобіль для жінки або жіночі моделі машин

This machine is designed more for women with incomes that can travel purely on business meetings, not particularly burdened by car family routine. The machine’s usability is perhaps below average, but a statement from her and her mistress will strive to the top. It is worth mentioning the fact that at the moment, the MINI Cooper has not only the worldwide fame ( vypuskalis since 1968 ), but also a worthy present. Now Mini is produced by the concern BMW, which makes this vehicle a powerful, stylish, reliable and solid. Another interesting fact is that Madonna is the owner of this car and sometimes leaves behind its steering wheel on the streets of London on business. But, to finally convince you that it’s a female car, we will tell you about one interesting fact. So there is a legend that the designer Mary Quant ( Mary Quant ) came up with a mini skirt, it is inspired by this car. We have proposed a view of what may be a “female” car. But the world does not stand still, and it’s not uncommon to see a woman behind the wheel of any crossover or SUV. But we had our criteria for the selection of cars, someone may offer other.

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