7 signs that you constantly don’t get enough sleep, although don’t feel it

The older we get, the harder it is to properly relax.

7 ознак того, що ви постійно не висипаєтеся, хоча не відчуваєте цього

Modern society lacks the dream: 50 years ago the majority came for 9 hours, now we sleep an average of 6.5 hours a day. You may not even realize how tired it actually is. Check yourself for these signs of lack of sleep right now — most likely, you really need to rest, reports Rus.Media.

Fast falling asleep

According to Dr. dawn Dore-Jersey, associate Professor in Chigansky health Academy, the ability to instantly fall asleep may be due to lack of rest. If you can fall asleep easily during the day, then almost certainly your body needs more rest.

Difficulty in the morning

To get up in the morning not like a lot, but always sleep through the alarm — not normal. Most likely, it’s the lack of sleep. Pay attention to how you sleep in weekends: lie in bed till 11 am this is not a sign of laziness, it is a sign that is as soon as possible to normalize your schedule for the week.

Constant hunger

Insomnia leads to impaired regulation of our control on appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin. Accordingly, a person begins to lose control of their eating habits. You should not blame yourself for another piece of cake, eaten at night at the fridge. You can not oppose the physiology and how normally do not sleep enough, your behavior will remain the same.


Have you ever felt that you just can’t cope with the work, even during deadlines? Then again laziness to do with it. Dr. Stephen Davis of Oxford argues that only the normalization of sleep will help to solve this serious problem.

Energy is at zero

Constant sleep deprivation leads to the fact that you cease to feel interest in their usual Hobbies. Internal energy is only enough for the necessary actions. People feel strange: on the one hand, it seems not tired, on the other hand to do something it becomes absolutely impossible.

Decreased libido

What’s worse, lack of sleep negatively affects the libido. The level of testosterone in the blood falls. You may not even notice this for a long time, but nothing good this trend does not.

Everything hurts

Can not recover after the relatively light workout? Even a small load leads to aching bones? The root of the problem is again the lack of sleep. During a night of rest, the body produces hormones growth and regenerates damaged tissue. No sleep is regeneration.

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