4 ways to make gadgets useful in the education of children

Obviously, you like the best. You are not wrong. Kids need laptops for school, for mobile entertainment and communication with parents, and to opt out of gadgets, it seems, and is not recommended. So a variety of devices flooded the whole apartment, but the balance between the living and the electronic communication even within the family hard.

4 способи зробити гаджети корисними у вихованні дітей

The mother of two children Sierra Fucci shares rules that will help to remove gadgets from the maximum benefit in education, reports Rus.Media.

We are all grateful to the creators of Google Maps and don’t mind to spend the evening watching the series, but often we can’t say to yourself “stop” — even when you ask for a glass of water, it seems easier to do it via chat. No, of course we continue to communicate, but sometimes, someone breaks down and asks to postpone the phone and listen to it without looking at the screen.

Children are also growing up surrounded by gadgets and sometimes they don’t get certain skills and experience in the real world. But, of course, all is not lost, phones, tablets, voice assistants, or rather, their influence on our lives, can be quite simple to adjust. Here are four simple rules that together provide a digital detox and balance.

1. Put the phone screen-down. At least at home

You can often see grandparents trying to talk to a child, and she can’t break away from the smartphone screen. To postpone the phone when someone is talking to you, common courtesy. This should be remembered by parents and it would be nice to offer children.

What to do. Clearly explain what you expect from them. Yes, it is difficult to take and end the game or talking in chat (and not want), but loved ones deserve respect and attention. Remember that you should start with yourself. Respect your children: take a break from the phone when they talking to you. Adopt a rule to set aside the gadgets during lunch and dinner, focus on the warmth of the lamp fellowship. If you still feel a compulsion to check how many likes you gained last post to Instagram, make an effort, we all know that it can wait. Finally, just admit to yourself and to the children that you, too damn hard not to be distracted constantly on the phone, let it be a decent family challenge.

2. Allow children to be bored. Without the Internet

4 способи зробити гаджети корисними у вихованні дітей

When the hand phone full of cartoons, games and interesting applications, it’s easy to forget what it means to die of boredom. Scientists say that boredom is beneficial for children and for adults too). It encourages reflection, helps children to be more persistent, to overcome difficulties without assistance and not be distracted. We remember that children previously, it is important to dig in the dirt, ask a million questions to parents, not Grey, sculpt from clay, and so on.

What to do. Create the conditions in which children may get bored. Decide when and where in your home gadgets will be banned. It should be clear to the regime, but not with a grim parent message “instead of the Internet do something useful.” Let the children spend at least some time aimlessly wandering around the house and neighborhood. PCMCIA what they like to do: to draw, to hammer away at the walls or play ball. When the kids get bored next time, remind them of what they like in real life.

3. Stop trying to measure steps and miles, when we walk with the whole family

4 способи зробити гаджети корисними у вихованні дітей

Have you ever walked with a person that set a goal to do a certain number of steps per day? Pedometers and fitness bracelets are actually useful, but sometimes are forced to move just for movement, not for fun. Make sure that the children were not tied to constant monitoring of physical activity. Do not be a child to bond “a walk only for good.” Usually children don’t need pedometers, except that teenagers and often just because they are in fashion.

What to do? First, don’t buy them pedometers without a good reason. Secondly, just plenty walk together. If you still have decided to combine business with pleasure, see your results once at the end of the walk.

4. Use Siri — be polite

4 способи зробити гаджети корисними у вихованні дітей

Yes, this may sound absurd. If you use voice assistants, you probably noticed how rude sometimes sound our team or stupid questions. Children repeat after us. Voice assistant won’t be offended if he does not say “thank you” and “please”, but the model of communication becomes Nakazawa.

What to do. Be a great example. It may seem strange to say “please”, referring to the gadget. But if you want to so did children have to behave accordingly. Explain to them that even if the voice assistant has no feelings, they have with others. Nobody likes to give orders.

By the way, do the manufacturers of such assistants have already introduced as a normal reaction column to appeal only in a polite manner. Amazon in early may is going to update the settings of the voice assistant, Alexa, who has become part of everyday life in families in the U.S. and Europe. Now the column will respond only to commands followed by “please” and “thank you.” However, download updates will begin with the United States, so we still need to be an example to children and not to yell at Alexa, Siri or Alice: “Hey, find me fast!”.

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