13 may 2018 Ukraine celebrates light and gentle holiday – mother’s Day: congratulations in the verses

This year on may 13 in Ukraine celebrate light and gentle holiday – mother’s Day.

13 травня 2018 в Україні відзначають світле і ніжне свято - День матері: привітання у віршах

Brightest greetings, reports Rus.Media.


Mother’s day across the country

Today celebrate,

One light clear to me –

I love very much!

She is my beloved,


On her comfort, her family,

I love her for it!


Our mother’s no better

It is no kinder, sweeter,

Will be forever obedient,

And congratulate their mothers!

We wish them only happiness

So I was in the shower

Get away from the soul the bad weather,

Molodo and more beautiful!


Mother’s Day wish

Beauty, joy

And eternal beauty!

From God – health,

Forces – from nature!

Heat and inspiration

Love and laughter,

From friends and family –

Boundless joy!


I wish you, mother, blossomed,

To the Nightingale your soul sing

And that you’re always happy,

And all dream of, small!


Mother. Perhaps, in this word

Hidden tenderness, and boundless affection,

Lies reliance, and even the basis

Life, love and children’s story!

Mother. I hasten to congratulate

This holiday is yours!

And I want to leave

It’s a feeling familiar to all of us!


Beloved mother, I congratulate you,

Mother’s Day happiness, health wish.

You’re in my heart, even if separated,

I always remember your gentle hands.

Let your every day is filled with light,

Love to be loved, as the sun warmed.

I’m sorry, sometimes you lose

Believe me, I couldn’t help Myself… reproach.


Thank you for kindness, for warmth

The sleepless nights, the worries and good.

Health wish You sincerely,

Love and joy, harmony and peace!


Mother means tenderness,

This affection, kindness,

Mom’s serenity

This is the joy, the beauty!

Mom’s bedtime story,

This morning’s dawn,

Mom – in my hour hint

It is wisdom and advice!

Mom’s greens of summer,

It snow, autumn leaf,

Mom is a ray of light,

Mother – it means LIFE!


I’m sorry for sleepless nights,

For offenses that previously brought.

I beg you mommy

Spend these years without tears.

Spend without worry for the son,

Try soul not to be sick.

I want you bypassed

Side any disease.

And yet, you do not think

What will happen to me.

I’ll get through these years.

I’ll be back! And then in our house

It will be fun as ever!


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