Why night glasses for driver, and how they work

Among the many automobile accessories available night glasses for driver – what it is and how it works?

Навіщо нічні окуляри для водія, і як вони працюють

If you drive the car at night, the headlights of oncoming cars may dazzle the driver. Irrespective of what optics – led, halogen or xenon, comes short of dazzling, until the eyes get used, informs Rus.Media.

To avoid the factor of distraction, some drivers wear special night goggles to reduce wabiskaw effect. Not to be confused with military night vision goggles.

What is special about night driving glasses? They are usually with yellow glass, to decrease the brightness of white light, some of them with polarized lenses that reduce reflective effect.

Adding color to the white light soothes eyes, yellow tint lightens the night by a vision, without significantly changing the overall color spectrum. Red, blue, green or any other color, unlike yellow, is distracting. It is believed that yellow increases the contrast.

In addition, night glasses for driver large enough to be worn over regular glasses, that is, they can also serve a protective function.

Sellers driving glasses claim that they are effective against glare and blinding at night, especially for eyes with increased sensitivity to light. However, research the functionality of these glasses has not been proven.

Actually glasses of tinted yellow glass soften the visibility at night almost as well as ordinary sunglasses, and more likely to be more effective to use them in fog than against glare.

Therefore, if the person is especially susceptible to the glare of headlights, she should go to the optometrist to check vision and use glasses when they are recommended by a doctor. Glasses with anti-reflective coating will enhance the ability of the eye to cope with the glare, reduce the display created by the lenses.

To combat anti-reflective effect will not hurt to monitor the cleanliness of the windshield, and personal points – it will help to neutralize the effect of bright light oncoming headlights. You also need to keep car headlights correctly adjusted and clean in order to not blind the drivers of oncoming cars.

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