What women like men? The honest answer Anna Gorban

Leading television women’s club “All will be good” on STB TV channel Anna Gorban told how to please the man of her dreams.

Які жінки подобаються чоловікам? Чесна відповідь Анни Горбань

Often wonder: “How to please a man?” “What are the feminine qualities men value most?”, How to get husband your husband?”. If your answer is “Yes”, this material is just made for you. Leading women’s club All will be well (STB) Anna Gorban wrote the author of the column what women like men. Read on to learn the secrets of seduction from the successful and very attractive women, reports Rus.Media.

In my environment, now more singles, single girls who zamuzhnimi was not and can’t even find the one. Under 30, want, and all the way. I’ve analyzed their behavior. I read the thoughts of intelligent men, psychologists.

What women love men?

Of course, begin with the supposedly banal appearance. But I want to emphasize that not all value it gives. Well-groomed, fresh, manicure, pedicure, quite a bit of makeup. It is not necessary to be naked to please. So, it may be of interest, but for other purposes. Strangely, if you caught man naked body, and then say that he wants you to “only one”.

It is important to stress roundness, waist and even dress length below the knee or Maxi will make you a fairy. You will be romantic and sexy. Men like women not only in dresses but also on the heel. Recently, I conducted an experiment: I was without makeup, in the same dress I walked around in ballet flats, and then just change to heeled sandals. It was awesome! On a flat course I glided past the men like a Ghost and was awarded their attention.

Men really respond to the second image — the head was turned. And even the lack of makeup did not stop. So leave the ballet shoes for walking with grandma, or give to grandma. Shoes to wear is not difficult, we so need to emphasize its advantages.

Behavior. Well, here it is quite simple. Argue with her husband, to teach, to go with the advice to tell “how to” to prove their case, or worse — your advantage — make cat marriage? not a chance. Aggression, men’s behavior is all the same from the list of old maids.

Ladies men subconsciously perceive as a rival. Nagging, complaining lover of gossip in men does not cause the desire to protect and fight. And, by the way, hiding true feelings, on every corner screaming about the fact that you don’t want to get married and you well — is not worth it.

Woman dream has a natural allure, her inner confidence as a woman. She doesn’t need to be a man. It is strong in my weakness. The last word leaves her husband. Recognize his power. Know your stand for him and are happy with it.

Airy, light, cheerful. Smile is her weapon. Not shy to flirt, give to know the man he was interesting to her. Because men, like women, fear rejection or likelihood to not be understood. Soft and gentle (after all, you can stay in my strongest character, which is extremely important), but to speak sweetly, softly. Their point of view can be expressed and thus, it will be much more efficient.

Normal “our” men like those women in which to invest money that don’t uphold the “European” principle of the separation of the family budget. Like those who knows how to be grateful who are emotionally and enthusiastically accepts the gifts. Even one flower is necessary to make so that he wanted to give you a bunch of flowers.

You need to learn to praise the man, admire him. This is very important. So you will stand out among the other women, because men are important recognition. Each of them Napoleon. With a woman man looking for a state of confidence, joie de vivre, its irresistibility. Every woman is different. So some ladies flee as from fire. And some women are hung up in clusters. And these women shall be beloved and unique!

See a video with new hosts of the program, All will be good on STB:

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