The owner pulled the dog from the clutches of death and accidentally made “the best pictures in the world”!

The photo of the happy dog named Gregory, who was saved from death, conquered the users of the network.

Господар вирвав пса з лап смерті і випадково зробив "найкраще в світі фото"!

The photo of the happy Beagle named Gregory, who was saved from euthanasia, won the users of the network. Image published by the wife of a member of the American center for homeless dogs HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary Shanley kirk (Kirk Schenley) on the page in Facebook, reports Rus.Media.

According to kirk, her husband Joe took a sick stray dog from a shelter where she was going to do euthanasia because of the deadly disease. However, the pair intends to cure Gregory and to find a worthy master.

“The dog dirofilaria heart, and it will have serious treatment, but she knows she’s in good hands! We will make her healthy and give her all the love she deserves and a wonderful future” — said the concerned woman.

On self-picture shows a happy dog gently laid his head on the shoulder of his Savior, his tongue out. At the time of creation of pictures of the Beagle along with Joe kirk went to the center of care from a dog pound.

Netizens praised cute the with saved from the death of a pet: a few days he got over nine thousand posts and hundreds of comments. Users thanked Joe for his work and called the dog “the most happy”. “This is really the best in the world picture,” — wrote the visitors of the page.

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