The national police announced what cars most stolen in Kiev

For three months of 2018 in Kiev has registered 212 cases of carjacking.

Національна поліція повідомила, які автомобілі найбільше викрадають в Києві

May 3 at the Metropolitan police launched three reports of theft was reported in the press service of the Main Directorate of the National police of Kiev, reports Rus.Media.

“Most of the thefts recorded in the area Darnytskyi – 47 cases, in goloseyevsky – 31 cases and 23 cases in the Dnieper and Obolon district”, – reported in Natpac.

The lowest number of thefts registered in the Podolsk district (7), in the Desna and the Pechersk area of 12 cases of theft. Noted that this year the favorites of the robbers were cars: Toyota (39 hijackings), Lexus (21) and Honda (16). The last thing the thieves were interested in the car brand KIA and Audi (two cases).

“Of expensive brands often stealing Toyota cars because they are easy to steal and expensive to sell. Greatmall often steal, because they just sell. “EuroBLECH” more profitable to sell parts – so more expensive than selling the whole car. They steal even such a rarity as “Muscovites”, because they are easy to disassemble. Not steal cars of the Korean manufacture, and have less to steal such expensive SUVs like Mercedes or BMW . But more stealing “Rangerover”.

To protect your car from theft, first, you need to provide reliable protection: this may be GSM-alarm and different anti-theft, which do not allow to break down the door of the machine. It is important to choose mechanical locks – they are harder to damage. Sometimes you should set the lock-on handlebar – for many it looks weird, but it’s a pretty reliable way to close down the wheel and all. Secondly, you should try to Park under the cameras or the guards. If not, at least in places of a mass congestion of people. If you go to the police with information about the theft within 5-20 minutes, the chances to return the car by 10%. If you go for an hour or two, find will already be difficult. Most often stolen cars find messages in social networks,” – said the founder of the portal Vlad Antonov.

According to law enforcement, basically stealing cars at night: in the interval from 4 to 6 am in winter and from 2 to 4 am in summer. Stealing a car in the yards and Parking lots and car parks with security.

Police warn people to be vigilant in these places. When you exit the car, placing it on the alarm, you should pay attention to “unusual multiple” flashing. This may indicate that near you robbers from the device that reads the alarm codes.

In Kiev, a new scheme of robbing motorists. Thieves are waiting for their victims under the banks.

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