The most tenacious myths about vitamins – calcium does not strengthen neither the nails nor the hair!

Think about vitamins and minerals known to all – to every cell of the body came up with a useful pill that will make it better.

Найживучіші міфи про вітаміни - кальцій не зміцнює ні нігті, ні волосся!

1. Multivitamins need to strengthen the immune system

In 2013 studies have proven the ineffectiveness of multivitamin complexes. Scientists are quite definitely suggest saving this article of pharmacy cost. “Immunity” is the most General formulation, which allows to create the broadest possible coverage. Problems multivitamin many: insufficient dosage, “incompatibility” of certain vitamins among themselves in one pill, the inability to create a universal form for all vitamins (some substances easier to exist in the drops, others in capsule form, while others love to chew), reports Rus.Media.

Vitamins as separate supplements should be prescribed by a doctor for the asserted deficiency. While a balanced diet for its vitaminizing properties apart from the competition.

2. If you constantly drink vitamins, will start hypervitaminosis

In order to start a hypervitaminosis, it should be very hard to do it. This is especially true of water soluble vitamins b and C, as these substances tend not only to accumulate in the body, but also instantly appear. Fat-soluble vitamins — A, E, D, K — do require some care, as their stocks are created more slowly, but they are spent more economically. Basically, if these problems and catching up, then people who switch to artificially synthesized food, for example, athletes.

3. Calcium strengthens nails

Nails (and hair) is a protein structure, it is based keratin. The solid nail does the amino acid cysteine, and its deficiency also provokes the fragility. Although calcium should be present in the nails, no less necessary selenium, zinc, phosphorus and chromium. But this macronutrient absolutely do need the bones and nervous system.

4. Vitamin C helps with colds

This statement exists in medicine since the seventies of the last century, but research has not proved the involvement of ascorbic acid to increase the protective functions of the organism. But vitamin D clearly helps the body to keep the defense. In this increasingly became to be a shortage of this vitamin in adults, successful people — so affects us the lack of sunlight. In office workers today, the same problems as the English miners in the XIX century.

5. In vegetables, fruits, cereals and vegetables have all the vitamins

In plant foods except animal protein an identical, also under any pretext not to find the critical vitamin B12, which is found only in foods of animal origin and no nuts, beans or different cabbages not to replace it. This substance, which has the scientific name “cyanocobalamin”, plays a crucial role in iron metabolism, and lack of it after a few months can begin with all the attendant anaemia: weakness, apathy, drowsiness, memory impairment and attention. Vegetarians just shows vitamin supplements, but only under permanent monitoring of several laboratory parameters.

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