The fine of 34 thousand UAH to everyone: to the Verkhovna Rada sent the new automobile law

A law that will fine truckers for overloading, is ready and is awaiting a vote in the Verkhovna Rada.

Штраф у 34 тис. грн кожному: в Верховну Раду відправили новий автомобільний закон

We are talking about the project No. 6644, on the days stated by the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, informs Rus.Media.

Legislators propose to considered guilty for the broken roads all the participants of trade: cargo owner, shipper, and carrier. But the drivers they will give you the opportunity to cancel the trip, if in his opinion, the car is loaded in excess.

Car carrier will be fined if the driver refused to place gabaritno-weight control or sabotaging its passage (blocked the work of a weight complex, went with car) – a fine in the amount of 2,000 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (NMDG) – 34 thousand UAH;
Car carrier will be fined if the violation of the dimensional weight rules (that is, cars with “Overdrive”) – 2000 NMDG – 34 thousand UAH;
The sender of goods for violation of size and weight standards at the time of loading of the vehicle is 2000 NMDG – 34 thousand UAH;

The fine of 34 thousand UAH, at the same time also affects the sender, at first glance, sufficient reason to side thinking, and strictly control download weight. However, according to the expert, as always, the severity of the laws kompensiruet by not having their performance.

The option is there only one control for the “overload” fully born by the owners of the roads. Today this right they have.

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