The doctors explained how eggs affect the human body

It is recommended to eat eggs every day.

Медики пояснили, як курячі яйця впливають на організм людини

Eggs for a long time in the list of important foods for children and adults. However, some time called them harmful using the hypothetical presence of bad cholesterol. Now they are rehabilitated, according to Rus.Media.

Provided that you are not allergic, eggs every day, you need almost all people, but children are a special case. Their eggs are especially needed. Indeed, in a period of intense growth, learning, physical and emotional development requires adequate nutrition, and eggs in particular, and eggs, in General, include the concept of “proper nutrition”,

Eggs don’t lead to stroke or heart attack

Sorry eggs, as it turned out, was very exaggerated. Many studies have shown that the relationship between the love of eggs from childhood and high risk of heart attacks and strokes no.

If you consume 2-3 eggs per day, the harm will not be exact. Bad cholesterol can accumulate only in the case that a lot of eggs (dozens) and often.

Eggs — a source of important vitamins

One egg is composed of a large number of vitamins B2 (Riboflavin) and B12, which is involved in hematopoiesis, as well as, vitamins A and E good for vision and skin.

Minerals in the composition of eggs

In the chicken eggs a lot of phosphorus, iron and zinc. They are all very important for normal functioning of an adult organism for growth and development of children. Moreover, they help to strengthen the immune system.

Eggs against cancer

This is one of the best sources of nutrients, it is therefore considered that eggs are important for the prevention of certain cancers.

Eggs needed for vision

Besides the fact that eggs contain good for your eyes vitamin a, they also are an excellent source of antioxidants that help maintain sharp vision to adulthood. Eat a variety of egg dishes, and sight you will not fail.

Eggs — a great source of protein

For a growing body and for those who are involved in sports balls is essential, as they are reliable sources of protein. Of these, protein is absorbed quickly and completely. And the composition of amino acids for optimum muscle growth.

Eggs for weight loss

Eggs, if consumed at Breakfast, give the opportunity to reduce the daily calorie content of 400 kcal. Just because the protein used in the morning, helps us to maintain a feeling of satiety for much longer than carbohydrates.

If you want, and not succumbing to the temptation to lighten the mood with sweets, while eating the eggs and eating properly, you can lose an average of about 1.5 kg per month.

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