That’s why you can not kill centipedes, even if you’re afraid of them

Centipede is one of the most underrated heroes of pest control, which in my house we usually meet with loud cries, not with words of gratitude.

Ось чому не можна вбивати сороконіжок, навіть якщо ви їх боїтеся
Her terrible appearance is deceptive. But really, this creature is a predator who preys on cockroaches and termites – more dangerous creatures, informs Rus.Media.

With sorochino we often face in damp basements and bathrooms. Some may live a lifetime in the premises, and others in the summer are outdoors, hunting larvae and spiders, and with the onset of cold weather we move inside.

Although these predators called centipede, they only have 30 feet. The front two legs in the form of fangs with poison are used to hunt insects. But don’t worry, the fangs are too weak to puncture human skin. The rest of the paws allow them to move at maximum speed and catch their victims using a tactic that is called lasso where the centipede binds its prey with a mass of long legs. Also a rather strange sight when sorokobi themselves face threats, they can self-amputate its legs to escape from predators.

Size sorokobi is 2-5 cm, and the average life expectancy is from 3 to 7 years. They have a yellowish-gray color with dark stripes running along the body.

Due to its good appetite, just one centipede is capable of destroying an impressive number of insect pests. In her diet are spiders, ants, bedbugs and cockroaches. So, next time you see in your home this creature, not in a hurry to get rid of it.

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