Signs and customs, which continue during pregnancy in other countries

In ancient times, pregnancy and childbirth was almost a magical act.

Прикмети та звичаї, яких дотримуються під час вагітності в інших країнах

England and Scotland

To facilitate delivery, the house was completely opened all doors, Windows, bars, doors, locks, some even uncork the bottle. Still popular tradition: a baby girl put something of his father, and the boy — mother. This should ensure success in his personal life, reports Rus.Media.

Also the newborn in England presented with bread, salt and egg, and in Scotland — and even matches and some coins. It symbolizes all the necessities of man: bread — food, salt — friends and matches — heat and light, egg — vitality, coins, respectively, in abundance. This gift provides all that child for years to come.

Myanmar (Burma)

As soon as man learns that his wife is pregnant, he goes to the forest and live there alone until the birth. And during labor he moans and screams to distract the attention of evil spirits.

And there is a tradition of hair-cut: father cuts off a lock of hair from the head of the infant, and the mother weaves it into his scythe. So the more female children the more elaborate the hairstyle, and therefore the more it is respected in the society.


In order not to succumb to the evil eye, the expectant mother wasn’t supposed to be out in public. That must have been very difficult, given the population of India. And pregnant must often sing she cries to the baby kind. This tradition has survived to this day.

Kievan Rus

The whim of a pregnant woman was executed immediately, because they thought that it is the soul of the baby, and therefore God. And as soon as it became aware of the pregnancy of a neighbor, all childless friend came to her with valuable gifts. So they drew from her power of fertility.


It was believed that the baby depends on the mood and behavior of women during pregnancy. The child was wise, honest, kind and strong spirit, the pregnant needs to read more of canonical books, listen to music, do not lose heart, do good deeds, not to lie and not to talk.

It is also thought that pregnant good luck. Especially if the girl in the position of staying in someone’s home, the owners ensured the well-being and success for years to come.

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