Significant events may 10: the classic movie

In 1947, at the Studio “Lenfilm” was a public viewing of the painting “Cinderella”, and in 1978, in Odessa, began shooting the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”.

Знаменні події 10 травня: класичне кіно

Also on this day..,

In 1850 was born sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton. An English Lord, a sailor (raced on a single yacht in the America’s Cup in 1899, 1901, 1903, 1920 and 1930). We have known as tea – he actually founded the company “Lipton”, reports Rus.Media.

1864 – born Leon Gaumont, founder of the French film company Gaumont – the world’s first film Studio.

1900 – born Elena Tyapkina, actress (“Funny guys,” “War and peace”, “It was in Donbass”).

1913 – first flight of the C-9 (“Great Baltic” or “Grand”) designer Igor Sikorsky.

1933 – at the Opera square in Berlin by the Nazis burned 20 thousand books “Aryan spirit” – Heine, Remarque, Hemingway, Feuchtwanger… “where they burn books, where people threw into the fire” – these words of Heine was prophetic.

1932 – in the Leningrad plant “Comintern” has released the first twenty of the Soviet TV. Incidentally, the first mass-produced Soviet television called KVN. The acronym was composed from the first letters of the names of its key designers – Kenigson, Warsaw, Ncasi.

1933 is an American business magnate Nelson Rockefeller fired by Mexican artist Diego Rivera, invited to create murals of the new building of the RCA. The cause of the conflict was the refusal of the artist to remove it from the wall a portrait of Lenin.

1938 – born Maxim Shostakovich, the composer, conductor and son of Dmitri Shostakovich.

1938 – born Marina Vlady (real name Marina Vladimirovna Polyakova-Baydarov), French actress of Russian origin.

1941 – the jet fighter Messerschmitt Me.163 first overcome the milestone of 1000 km/h the Exact speed of the aircraft was 1003.9 km/h. the Record lasted until 1947.

1955 – born Alexander druz, the connoisseur, the master of “What? Where? When?”.

1956 – born Vladislav Listyev, Russian journalist, TV presenter (the program “the View”, “Field of dreams”, “Subject”), the first General Director of ORT. Was killed in his house on March 1, 1995.

1960 was born Bono VOX (real name Paul Hewison), leader of the British band “U2”.

1960 – us nuclear submarine Triton completed the first underwater circumnavigation.

1965 – born Linda Evangelista, the canadian supermodel.

2001 – in new York at auction “Christie” for 171 thousand dollars was sold the diary to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The name of the buyer was not disclosed, we only know that it is a private person. Diary signed by Yuri Gagarin, April 15, 1961, contains a record of radio communications with the mission control Center during the historic flight. However, according to the widow of cosmonaut Valentina Gagarina, it can be at best a copy of the document, since the original is kept in Moscow in the archive, access to which has only a narrow circle of people.

2005 in Berlin next to the Brandenburg gate was a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust.

The nameday: Simon, Sergey, Stepan.

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