She washed my hair with Coca-Cola, the result was unexpected

Just a fantastic result! You’ve probably heard about the different properties of the drink? So.

Вона помила волосся Кока-Колою, результат був неочікуваний

Bold brunette (pictured) decided to test the power of a common Cola on his own hair.

What girl doesn’t dream of beautiful curls? Rhetorical question.

This young lady poured on the head of two bottles of “Coca-Cola” (for short hair and one will be enough), then washed with water and dried hair. And voila! What came out of it exceeded all her expectations.

According to the girl, when she used a circle instead of balm rinse – Cola gave her straight hair a wavy texture . “I’m really amazed with the results – it is much cheaper, more practical and faster than doing a Perm or messing with Curling irons”.

Is it safe for hair is unknown, so we would not recommend to repeat this experiment.

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