Seven reasons to visit Turkey

In all respects the perfect place.

Сім причин відвідати Туреччину

In the world ranking, Turkey ranks the sixth place and is not going to give up their positions, every year taking more and more tourists, reports Rus.Media.

What attracts tourists?

One of the main advantages is the location of the country: 2-3 hours flight, an hour and a half drive from the airport to the hotel and can be taken apart suitcases. But the benefits are not only in it:

1. Turkey offers tourists diverse activities: beach, sightseeing, sports (kite – and Windsurfing, diving), pilgrimages to shrines, shopping trips, and also a relatively new trend — medical tourism.

2. The hotel clearly divided family, youth, recreation, and families with children of any age.

3. Good tours: tourists can visit the ancient city, with white sand beaches, monasteries and natural attractions.

4. Tourists can choose on which of the three seas that wash the coast of the country, to go: the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara.

5. The swimming season from March to October, the climate is mild and humid.

6. Good accommodation in a hotel with 5 stars.

7. The lack of a language barrier. The staff is usually fluent in English and Russian.

Everything and more for tourists

Сім причин відвідати Туреччину

Tourism is one of the most important components of the Turkish economy. Therefore, the government and the hotel owners do everything to make tourists feel comfortable and want to come back again. For comparison, in neighboring Egypt — the main competitor — the service is much worse. The Turks are trying to create for guests comfort in everything from solutions to the problems encountered in hotels, and ending with additional services. So, the hotel is directly at the hotel reception you can rent a car for independent travel, to arrange Shuttle service to the shopping malls or the airport. Also there is a doctor, Spa, gym, water parks, children’s rooms, several bars and restaurants.

The diversity of resorts

Better than the sea in Turkey… can be only mountains and the sea in Turkey. This is a unique feature of the resort region of Alanya. In addition, the country has numerous national parks, waterfalls, unique antique cities, beaches, caves and other natural attractions that will not leave tourists indifferent. The cost of tickets in some museums and parks does not exceed 2 dollars. Moreover, on site you can walk all day. With or without a guide — select the traveler.

Despite the existing huge flow of tourists, Turkey continues to develop new directions. It’s immense in its variety. Perhaps that is why want to come back again and again.

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