Scientists have studied the benefits of dark chocolate

It is believed that beneficial flavonoids contained in cocoa.

Вчені досліджували користь від чорного шоколаду

Chocolate with a high cocoa content can improve not only mood, but also memory. Even half a standard chocolate bar with 70 percent cocoa content can be of benefit to the body.

To such conclusion scientists from California’s Loma Linda University, writes Rus.Media.

For many years we considered the effects of dark chocolate on neurological function, in terms of sugar content: the more sugar, the happier we are. Now we first discovered how a significant amount of cacao in small doses, like a chocolate bar, regular size, affects people over short or long periods of time, and results have inspired us. These studies show that the higher the concentration of cocoa, the more positive impact on the thinking process, memory, mood, immunity, observed another beneficial effect,– said study leader Lee Berk.

Вчені досліджували користь від чорного шоколаду

Are antioxidants that also have black currants, grapes, eggplant and red wine. Previous studies have shown that a flavonoid-rich diet can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction and to normalize the pressure, the newspaper notes.

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