Olga Gorbachev made photo may 9

The singer posted to Instagram a black-and-white photo.

Оля Горбачова зробила фото до 9 травня

In the social network Olga Gorbachev shared a photograph, which portrayed such emotion that takes your breath away. It turned out she wanted to show the bitterness experienced by all who went and faced the war, reports Rus.Media.

The singer signed his photo: “As my grandma used to say: “I survived, bochechka and dekulakization, collectivization, and the Communists, and the famine, and repression… but there is nothing worse than war…” #ngtonesewi”.

Fans Olya Gorbacheva appreciated her picture and put more than a thousand likes.

Оля Горбачова зробила фото до 9 травня

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