Olga Cybulski presented a new clip (Video)

Everyone dreams of a beautiful wedding that will remain in memory and will remember for a long time.

Ольга Цибульська представила новий кліп (Відео)

In view of the prevailing circumstances in the country, many couples refuse this holiday and Olga Cybulski decided to make the Ukrainians a surprise. The singing Leading agreed to the hours become the employee of the Central registry office of Ukraine and personally destroyed three families, setting a new record.

“It’s so touching! Now the 555 pairs in Ukraine can boast of: we got married Cybulski! You should have seen the eyes of guys who are in the wedding hall suddenly saw a star instead of the usual recorder! One of the girls burst into tears at the surprise he promised to call her my name!” – says Olga.

“My husband due to my public work refused white dress, tuxedo, and festivals. I didn’t want to share this day with everyone. And a stamp in the passport until recently was a mere formality. But my husband and I, crossing the threshold of the registry office were so happy and so excited, she suddenly realized, “Oh my God, how wrong I was!“ – says the artist. “It’s so important to find your man, looking into his eyes which, I can say: “Honey, I want you son and daughter!”

On 8 August the family of the artist turned two! Who knows, maybe soon the couple would have a daughter and a white dress with a tailcoat. And while Olga Cybulski has introduced its new clip the Sun, which proved that happiness must be fought.

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