How the Russians react to the flag of Ukraine: there was a video

The network has shown how residents of the Russian Federation to react to a flag of Ukraine and what do you think about the war in the Donbass.

Як росіяни реагують на прапор України: з&#039явилось відео

Video published edition”.ru” on its YouTube channel, reports Rus.Media

As you know, recently in Saint-Petersburg a lot of people came out to the pickets with placards: “Russia did not attack anybody! Our country is fighting wars which have no justification: in Ukraine, in Syria,” “Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito unleashed the Second world war. Putin, Kim Jong UN, Assad, Maduro – a Third world war? Is it valid?” and so on.

Participants of the action unfurled on the streets and the national flag of Ukraine. A lot of passers-by, particularly people of retirement age, reacted to the Ukrainian flag is quite different.

Don’t touch our Putin! He (the Ukrainians) have not done anything wrong!

– said one of the Russians.

“You would try to go on Khreshchatyk with the Russian flag. Let’s see what you do,” said the pensioner.

More – watch the video.

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