Healthy Breakfast: TOP 5 quick and delicious options

Healthy Breakfast: TOP 5 quick and delicious options
Eating right necessarily presupposes the existence of Breakfast. And, quite rich and high in calories, energy to last until the next meal (except light snacks). Proper and healthy Breakfast is the key to a productive day.

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів


Nutritionists and scientists unanimously agreed on the opinion that the best Breakfast is cereal. They are rich in fiber, vitamin and vegetable proteins, and most importantly – slow carbohydrates. That is, porridge long to digest by our body, creating a feeling of satiety. Is useful for all cereals, except porridge, the so-called “fast food” – cereal. Useful porridge can’t prepare for 2 minutes. The fact that the cereal is made from cereals, devoid of grain sheath, and thus beneficial properties.

The most popular Breakfast cereal is oatmeal or muesli (porridge with nuts and dried fruits). The low-calorie cereal barley (76 kcal per 100 grams). The greatest number of calories contained in the corn porridge – 170. To cook porridge on milk or on water. Useful properties does not change, just the milk gives the dish extra calories.

Energy value (oatmeal with milk and dried fruit, 100g) – 350 kcal

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів


If you are too lazy (or no time) to cook porridge, a quick alternative would be cottage cheese with berries and fruit. Cheese is one of the most useful dairy products, and very necessary for our body. It contains a special milk protein casein. Due to its high nutritive properties, it can replace animal protein. 300 grams of cheese a day – the daily rate of protein for the body.

Cheese contains methionine and tryptophan – the most important acid for our body. They normalize the digestive tract, as though preparing the stomach for more “serious” meals. For lunch if you are going to eat meat, then in the morning be sure to eat cheese.

Energy value (cheese 15% blueberries, and raspberries, 100 g) – 200 calories

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів


The perfect fruit for Breakfast eat bananas. They contain very little acid and have a large stock of energy. Two bananas for Breakfast – and you can safely unload the cars for 1, 5-2 hours. This fruit also contains protein tryptophan, which, in turn, produces “happiness hormone” – serotonin. So you provided a good mood. But the main advantage of bananas – they are rich in potassium. Doctors recommend them to people who are prone to intense mental work. Bananas cleanse our body of toxins, strengthen the immune system, reduce cholesterol in the blood. Perfectly combined with cheese.

By the way, in many countries bananas are one of the main foods. So, in Ecuador, the annual consumption of this product is 73.8 per kg (in Ukraine – 7, 6 kg).

Can be used for Breakfast and other fruits, but be prepared that after an hour you will feel a wild hunger.

Energy value (2 bananas with berries and cottage cheese (50 g) – 200 calories.

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів


American doctors from the center of Pennington (La) came to the conclusion that if you eat eggs for Breakfast, you can lose weight. Breakfast of eggs helps you feel full longer because it contains high quality protein. At the same time, eggs a lot of enemies, due to the fact that they contain a lot of cholesterol. But British nutritionists have come to the conclusion that the egg in addition to cholesterol, contains large amounts of phospholipids, lecithin and vitamins. And in this complex cholesterol almost no deposited in our blood vessels and internal organs, and completely absorbed by the body. Fried eggs is the favorite Breakfast of heroes of American movies. And rightly so: delicious, satisfying and quick.

Energy value (scrambled eggs (2 eggs) with tomato and pepper, 200 g) – 250 kcal.

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів


Yes, you read that right: the sandwiches can also be useful. But only if it is the correct sandwich of whole grain bread. And instead of sausage and mayonnaise – lettuce, tomatoes and slice of cheese. As such, the sandwiches are really useful. The breads have the same useful properties as porridge, so your body will be full and satisfied until dinner.

Energy value (2 of bread with feta and tomato slices, 50 g) – 150 kcal.

Корисний сніданок: ТОП-5 швидких і смачних варіантів

Useful tips

1. In any case, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Always caffeine stimulates the production of acidic gastric juice. And if nothing is there, this acid will irritate the stomach. It can cause gastritis, heartburn and even ulcers.

2. Nutritionists recommend to drink for 10-20 minutes before Breakfast a glass of warm water with lemon. This cocktail stimulates production of gastric juice and the body adjusts to the right job.

3. It is not recommended to eat for Breakfast vegetables – they are very quickly absorbed by the stomach, and soon you will feel hunger. Can be added to vegetable salad egg or piece of cheese. Then Breakfast will be more nutritious. But in vegetables the perfect option for dinner.

4. If you want to eat a muffin or chocolate candy, it is best to do it in the morning, at least up to 12 days. In the morning, sugar is absorbed faster. The closer the evening, the slower break down fats and carbohydrates.


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