Full sex at a distance now there: sex toy for the transmission of the movement via the Internet (video)

Appeared sex toy that can make sex on the distance of a full process for two, and not a boring solo Masturbation. Her kit includes two devices for men and women who pass each other real movement with the help of the Internet.

Повноцінний секс на відстані тепер існує: секс-іграшка для передачі руху через інтернет (відео)

Long-distance relationships is a very difficult challenge for couples that are able to make everything. Studies show that couples are satisfied in their relationships when they have sex regularly. But what kind of sex can be discussed if the lovers are separated by a distance. It turns out that the man and woman who are forced to endure separation, starting to feel miserable, depressed and lonely. And does not save them even phone sex or sexting, I want to feel the real touch.

The way out of this situation the manufacturers suggested sex toys, releasing a sensational news. New sex toy is a solution for those who lack the tactile sensations and feelings of unity with their partner. It consists of two parts – the Dildo for women and fixture that mimics the vagina, for men.

Повноцінний секс на відстані тепер існує: секс-іграшка для передачі руху через інтернет (відео)

It is implied that the lovers will use a sex toy at the same time. Every movement and touch of the partner will feel in real time is possible via the Internet, by which electronic devices of a sexual nature to transmit information. Therefore, at the moment when a woman starts to use a vibrator, a man will feel the pressure tube vagina.

When such a device is about $ 370, by the standards of prices for sexy toys is not so expensive. To test a sex toy on camera decided only by the employees of the BBC, innocent, appreciating its technical aspect.

Sex toy for sex at a distance

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