Electronic insurance policy. Ukraine abolished one of the penalties for drivers

The decision of an employee of the patrol police of Kiev to prosecute the driver who presented a paper instead of electronic MTPL insurance policy canceled.

Електронний поліс. В Україні скасували один із штрафів для водіїв

Thus, the police corrected the mistake and now have to accept an electronic insurance policy is valid, informs Rus.Media.

The case began April 28, 2018, when the Lieutenant of police issued a decree on administrative violation and imposed a penalty for lack of compulsory insurance policy of civil-civil liability of vehicle owners (CTP) at the driver, who instead of a paper presented to the electronic policy.

Note that in the police database, you can check the availability of the policies, however, the Lieutenant somehow missed it. He then imposed a fine on the owner for lack of insurance to 425 UAH.

The car owner filed a police report and a paper copy of the policy. The Deputy chief of the Metropolitan police decided to cancel the penalty, because according to the order Natskomfinuslug No. 3631 e-insurance policy with 07.02.2018 G. has the same effect with paper.

“Guided by article 293 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences, a ruling on the case on administrative offense of the series BB No. 113539 reversed, and the case was closed”, – stated in the decree of the police.

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