Doctors explained when dried fruits can harm the health

Useful dried fruits remain in the case if prepared on your own.

Медики пояснили, коли сухофрукти можуть нашкодити здоров&#039ю

Dried fruit can bring many health benefits, but only provided that they do not contain harmful chemicals, reports Rus.Media.

Consumption of dried fruit is manufactured industrially, it is dangerous for human health. Scientists believe that the best way to enrich their diet with dried fruits is a homemade production from natural fruits.

Speaking about why you should be very carefully to buy ready-made dried fruit, the researchers noted: in the production to improve the appearance of product is often used in potentially harmful and dangerous for health components. We are talking about sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogenated fat, said the researchers.

For example, manufacturers of dried apricots and raisins the fruit is treated with sulphur dioxide as preservative. Also, the dried fruit is added sulfur dioxide, which sought to preserve the original colors of fruits and protects products from bacteria.

These chemical additives can cause many problems with the body.

“Is added in the production process of dried fruit sulfur contributes to the disorders in the stomach, and the respiratory system, triggers asthma, and activates the fats, contribute to the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels. In addition, the sulfur dioxide entering the body, irritating the mucous membrane of the intestines,” warned the experts.

But does this mean that dried fruit is better to refuse once and for all? No, dried fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals. According to doctors, dried fruits are useful in cardiovascular diseases, anemia, tendency to thrombosis, and constipation. If dried fruit were bought in a store, they should be carefully washed in hot water.

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