Cold herbal tea promotes weight loss

Swiss scientists said regular consumption of herbal tea accelerates the burning of calories.

Холодний трав&#039яний чай сприяє схудненню

Researchers of the University of Fribourg has presented the results of new studies, reports Rus.Media.

In the experiment scientists involved 23 volunteers. It turned out that the effective oxidation of fat provides cold herbal tea. Also drink can reduce the metabolic load on the heart.

During the studies, volunteers consumed daily 500 ml herbal tea beverage temperature is 3 degrees. The experts evaluated the level of arterial pressure, heart rate and blood flow, and also checked the degree of absorption by the body of oxygen. Data were recorded for 90 minutes after drinking.

“Cold herbal tea increases the rate of calorie burning at rest. Drink twice as fast burns calories, compared to conventional tea,” said experts from the University of Fribourg.

According to scientists, herbal tea is the effective tool for weight loss.

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