“Be ashamed to watch”: in Russia I am afraid that the shooting would embarrass the country

Samoilov criticized in the network.

"Соромно буде дивитися": у РФ бояться, що Самойлова зганьбить країну

The participant of Eurovision-2018 from Russia Yulia Samoylova, who recently lit up in Lisbon under the flags of the USSR and the so-called DPR, became the object of criticism in the network, reports Rus.Media.

Criticize Samoylova, which should make his number in the second semifinal on may 10, her compatriots.

They believe that the singer “does not get a place” and “embarrass the country”. In the comments to the posts in her Instagram Yulia Russian fans write to her “the whole truth”,

nataliytitenok: No hypocrisy…just don’t embarrass us…please…hit the notes…..Oh…scary…I’m worried

kirill.kononov.5: concerned about the lack of talent of our contestants. I think, like many others.

maria.lafert: Shame

vnukovskaiaiuliia: Worried about what mediocre girls made the character

vehxbr: If Alekseev is not passed, then this nedopas, nothing shines, but if only out of pity, it is a disgrace to miss

sofa_redin89: Though I am Russian, but was rooting for Belarus! It’s something with something, what a shame real talent that could of predstaviti Russia this year. The performance of some direct. Forgive me, God! If I can’t sing, and only howl, then do not climb in such events.

neera_stalina: and you heard her singing live? I certainly understand, but in Russia we have enough decent singers…to be honest, even embarrassing to watch….Excuse me, but I can’t flatter

"Соромно буде дивитися": у РФ бояться, що Самойлова зганьбить країну

"Соромно буде дивитися": у РФ бояться, що Самойлова зганьбить країну

Recall that Samoilov was going to perform at the Eurovision song contest in 2017, but received a ban the security service for entry in Kyiv because of the illegal visit to the occupied Crimea.

She was invited to perform at the contest remotely, but Russia rejected the proposal, moreover, the country even refused to broadcast the event.

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