Automobile horoscope for the week of may 7 to may 13, 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Automobile horoscope for the week of may 7 to may 13.

Автомобільний гороскоп на тиждень з 7 по 13 травня 2018 року для всіх знаків Зодіаку

Automotive horoscope for each Zodiac sign for a week, reports Rus.Media .


This week promises you a lot of free time. You need to hold it in transport? No better to walk more and ride a bike? Moreover, on Wednesday and Thursday on the road can be serious traffic jams.


Your desire to have it all clear, but difficult to implement. Avoid excessive speed and risky maneuvers on the road, they not only will not bring you to your destination, but also threaten trouble and fines.


This week you will be prone to movement with increased compared to usual speed. However, the stars claim to do everything, you just not in a hurry, not to rush and not to worry.


Monday and Tuesday to spend away from his car. Relax in the nature, where you will take your loved one or friends. But in the end of the week you will be perfect driver for any company.


In General, car week promises to be very good. With the exception, perhaps, of environment. When senseless winding kilometres on the speedo it is still better to abstain. If you are going on a trip stretching over a hundred miles – check tire pressure and gasoline in the tank.


For travel this week better North and North-East direction. Monday and Wednesday – good days, Tuesday and Thursday – not really, possible traffic jams on your usual route.


Your movement should not bore you. Let the journeys are not very long, and the road quality, scenic and not too busy. If you are tired and sleep-deprived behind the wheel is better not to sit down.


Favorable time for solving problems that do not interfere with your car to get around, but the solutions require. First of all, it concerns issues with the documents. If such problems are not observed, a week can be considered absolutely neutral. Road trips weekend will be successful.


Week in terms autovon promises to be absolutely no – neither bad nor good. In principle, this is a good idea. Only, make sure that such neutrality is not clouded your attention. And do not talk on a cell phone while driving.


If you are able this week to give time and attention to your car, it will be fine. And will help you avoid a fair amount of small but unpleasant problems. It will not hurt to go to a car wash. At the end of the week be careful in the areas of railway crossings.


Don’t forget about the seat belts. They really save when braking. And this week there are a variety of situations. About car seat remember, if you have somewhere to take the kid. Check up your kid from it.


Quite a difficult week. If you have to go on the road, avoid routes with heavy traffic. And check the expiration date of your insurance, first aid kit and fire extinguisher. It is not excluded that all it will check the traffic police.

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